‘Haram’ RM100: Penang Umno’s ‘wayang kulit’

‘Mahathir put up ‘Sodomy I’ and the Malays were not fooled. This proves they are not that gullible or can be easily taken for a ride’.

Will DPM return his earnings of the past 15 years?

OMG: If Deputy Prme Minister Muhyiddin Yassin was truly sincere, he would fight the good fight for taxes derived from Berjaya Toto, Magum, Tanjung and Genting to be allocated to non-Muslims causes only.

What hypocrisy. The government reaps the benefit of gambling revenue but feels fit to shake the conscience of the poor, elderly, person for his RM100 entitlement.

Muhyiddin and the Umno guys in Penang have created this ridiculous issue of ‘haram’ money so as to turn the Malays against the opposition. The people who participated in the act of returning the money most probably knew they were participating in a ‘wayang kulit’ show and were probably well rewarded for their acting.

The Umno leadership must think that the Malays are really stupid who can be made to forget about the billions stolen by the Umnoputras and be made to hate the opposition by putting up such shows.

Umno still has not learnt that Dr Mahathir Mohamad put up a much more spectacular and grand show called ‘Sodomy I’ and the Malays were not fooled and this proves that they are not that gullible and stupid or can be easily taken for a ride.

The fact that Umno seems to be sponsoring so many shows, like the ‘cow head show’ and the ‘Perkasa show’ against Namewee indicates that it is worried that the Malays have wisened up to the plunder by BN and hence may vote for the opposition at the next general elections.

Just Me:
I suggest the government closes all 4D, Magnum, Toto and other gambling outlets like Genting etc. Taxes that the government receives from those workers who work there are also ‘haram’ as their pay comes from gambling activities. Make sure the minister also includes all the other ‘haram’ taxes from cigarettes and alcohol. In other words, the DPM might as well forget his salary.

It is on occasions like these that the calibre and knowledge of our leaders about how the government’s financial and fiscal policies function expose their ignorance, in this instance the DPM’s.

All revenue collected from whatever source are put into the Consolidated Fund, including taxes from all gaming sources like casinos and gambling outlets like Magnum, etc. It is from this fund that all allocations are distributed and allocated during the annual budget sessions of Parliament. That is elementary.

There are accounts to identify where the revenue comes from but the cash collection goes into one fund, the consolidated fund, including taxes from the sp-called ‘haram’ sources.

No money can be spent or taken out without Parliament’s approval from this common fund. Now what the DPM says about Penang revenue applies equally and more to the federal government fund, including allocations for places of worship – temples, churches, mosques, ‘surau’, ‘gurudhara’ etc.

Bukan sahaja DPM tapi semua Umno yang pegang jawatan dan di bayar gaji atau elaun oleh kerajaan persekutuan, mahupun negeri, pulangkan kembali duit yang diterima, kerana ianya termasuk hasil-hasil yang sumbernya berbentuk ‘gharar’, haram dimakan sepatutnya.

Kerana wang hasil judi juga dimasukan kedalam akaun yang sama. Bukan itu saja, banyak perlu dipersoalkan, apakah Muhyiddin dan ahli-ahli Umno tak simpan duit dalam bank? Kalau tak sekarang guna perbankan Islam, dulu-dulu tak makan ‘interest’ ke selama ni?

Add in those from sin taxes, too, like tobacco, cigarettes, pig-farming, ‘non-halal’ restaurants, Indah Water (since they deal with ‘najis’), and what not. Have a clean separation – ‘halal’ money for the pious, and ‘haram’ money to be used only on the ‘kafir’ – I’d love that. A lot of people would.

Many years ago, some similar idiot made the ridiculous suggestion that the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) should only invest in ‘halal’ investments. I quickly pointed out the same – members opt for ‘halal’ or ‘non-halal’ EPF – and see who gets a higher rate of return. It was quickly and quietly abandoned.

My suggestion is all economic endeavours in Malaysia be labelled ‘halal’ or ‘haram’ and the collection and distribution be correspondingly labelled. Those grey areas be divided 50:50 and we shall see who gets more in return.

Pants on Fire:
And also import taxes, airport taxes, etc, paid by travellers. And yes, taxes from traders who sell Hindu deities, etc. The list goes on. There is no end and all Muslims will have to return their government salaries, scholarships, Socso aid, etc. BN has unwittingly (or plain stupidly) opened Pandora’s box.

Fido Dido:
What is the DPM trying to do? Is he sure that the money in his pocket is not coming out from gambling or from the pork-seller? This is the working of the mind. If the mind says that something is dirty then it is, even though the money is clean. Has he verified the source?

Muhyiddin, during your years as menteri besar of Johor you have also swiped lots of ‘haram’ monies. Please return those ‘haram’ monies for the good use of the citizen.

It is very sad indeed to note that politics has degenerated to such low and mean level in this country. Whilst the rich Muslim ministers enjoy all their salaries and perks from the Consolidated Fund, that include ‘haram’ taxes, these Muslim ministers and leaders influence poor innocent Malays and manipulate their ignorance to return RM100 paid in good faith by the Penang government for their welfare needs by citing Islamic tenets, which are ignored by the rich and mighty Muslims.

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